shitsurei – rudeness, impoliteness, excuse me

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失礼 しつれい

“shitsurei shi mas” is how you’ll usually hear this. for example if you are trying to get by someone you say it, it’s like “excuse me.”

sounds like “shitsu ray” (imagine how a japanese person would say shit…shitsu. this trick works for lots of words.)

visual – a ray of…shitsu, maybe a wizard casting some weird shitsu ray spell?


wizard casting the shitsu ray spell…”please excuse me”

some sort of moving shitsu ray running wild, pushing people around, knocking stuff over, very rude wouldn’t you say

example sentence


shippai – failure, mistake, unsuccessful

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失敗 しっぱい

sounds like – “ship pie”

visual – a ship full of pies


maybe filling up a SHIP with PIES was a mistake

a business idea involving delivering pies by ship turns out to be unsuccessful

example sentence

shitsumon – a question, interrogation, inquiry

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質問 しつもん

sounds like “shit summon”

visual …. you figure it out.


the question is…how did you shit summon?

being questioned in a dark interrogation room – summoning (bull)shit to tell the detective!

police officer talking to you about something you want to get out of, time to summon (bull)shit!

example sentence

shitaku – preparations

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支度   –   したく

sounds like “she talks” (but like how a japanese person might say talk – talku. pretty clever huh.)

visual – a talkative girl you know


sometimes SHE TALKU too much about the preparations, lets just start already!

example sentence


tonari – next to, nearby

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隣   となり

sounds like “tonally” as in tone.

visual – sitting in your apartment, hearing your neighbors through the wall.


you can’t hear their exact words, but you can hear them TONALLY.

if people are close enough you can start to hear them TONALLY.

semai – narrow, confined, small

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狭い   せまい

sounds like “semi” as in semi-truck.

visual – semi truck trying to fit through a narrow tunnel.

this semi is probably not going to fit in this narrow tunnel.

shorui – documents

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書類 しょるい

sounds like “show louie”

hey, can you SHOW LOUIE these documents? k, thx.  that one was easy huh?

ni ki – diary, journal

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日記 にっき


sounds like “need key”


just think of your diary padlocked shut, so you NEED a KEY to open it right? remember, the “sounds like” is supposed to remind you of the key sounds of the word, NEED KEY will bring you to NI KI. if you expect to have perfect mnemonic sound key words then you will really cut yourself down on usable mnemonics. you want to try and make mnemonics that will serve to remind you of the word, not a exact sound for sound match (though when it does happen, don’t complain…). if it sounds like this won’t work at it will be confusing, trust me, it won’t. try it with this word, if you say it aloud a few times, even though its NEED KEY, you’ll know that that is just reminding you of the real word, NI KI.


btw, ni ki is used in blog entries, like “diary/journal entry”.

ishi – rock

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石 (いし)

sounds like “easy”

i’m telling ya, to memorize how to say rock is soooo EASY.  seriously.

gouyou – autumn colors

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紅葉 (こうよう)

sounds like “go yo”

i thought this would be a nice word to learn since it would be nice to see some color outside. it means “autumn colors“, or basically the color of the changing leaves.

you have a friend, and he keeps complaining about everything, school, work, how much he hates music, how much he hates having to wake up early every morning and collect chicken eggs, etc. but one thing he always complains about that really gets on your nerves is how much he loves the RED AUTUMN LEAVES, but how he never has time to go see them in the park.

one day you are just completely sick of him talking about going to see the leaves in the park, and all the reasons why he can’t go, that you yell “ENOUGH ALREADY, JUST GO YO!” Continue Reading gouyou – autumn colors…

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