takuwaeru – to store, keep, put aside, save

September 22, 2013 at 4:54 am | Posted in Verbs | 2 Comments


sounds like “tack where?” EXCEPT again like a japanese speaker would say it…”taku wheru?” trust me it works once you get used to it.

visual – japanese person running around looking worried, screaming out “TAKU WHEREU? TAKE WHEREU?”


storekeeper running around screaming taku whereu because he is missing his precious tacks. insert some image that helps you remember the meaning of to store / keep. i use a storekeeper but you can use a banker maybe, whatever works. this one is pretty easy to remember based on novelty of the taku whereu phase. just to be clear this is supposed to be how you might think a japanese person speaking english would say “tack where” – taku whelu?

example sentence



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  1. Here’s one I made:
    Hannah smelt the hana with her hana.
    ハンナ = Hanna = Hannah (Western girls name)
    花 = hana = flower /s
    鼻 = hana = nose /s

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