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October 16, 2009 at 9:36 pm | Posted in Notes | 1 Comment

for personal reasons i stopped learning japanese, though one day i still do want to become fluent, for now it’s on the back burner.

so i’m just going to keep this blog up anyway, because apparently people are still searching for japanese mnemonics and ending up here, and hopefully these¬†mnemonics¬†will encourage you to make your own up, cause it ain’t that hard really.


if you are learning japanese, or any language, please, please, PLEASE visit this site first –

personally, it must have saved me about 1-2 years just knowing about that method, with the srs, and the sentences, and whatnot. before i started using sentences, i was lost, i was confused, i was frustrated, etc etc. after i started applying the ajatt method, my learning started to snowball, things became easier, and i was learning a lot quicker. i think i learned more in just 3 months using srs sentences (click on that link if you don’t know what srs is) then did in 2 YEARS doing it my old method…..

i’m begging you, if you are trying to learn japanese, or any other language, go visit him.

ok well have a nice life, if you need to contact me leave a comment, i still check them every now and then. and if you put a mnemonic comment, i will put it up eventually…

also check out the links to the right side under most popular, cause there is some good info that i used while learning japanese.


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