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here is a link to a list of some mnemonics key words by Quaal. it was posted as a comment but I thought i would put it up as a post in case anyone missed it. even without the mnemonic info its a nice list of common words with kanji and furigana.

Quaal’s vocab list


odayaka – calm

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穏やか (おだやか)

sounds like “old yak”

boy, this old yak is awfully calm, as he sits there, chewing his cud and smoking his tobacco pipe. i’d like to be more like this calm, old yak.

hairu – to enter

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sounds like – “hi lou”

you have a friend named lou right? if you don’t, then make one up. and then make up a corner store that he owns. now ENTER that store, raise your hand, and say “hi lou“.

ki – tree

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sounds like “key”

imagine a big tree in the woods. it looks like a normal tree, but if you have the secret bark KEY you can open up a secret compartment! its true! you can put anything you want in there, mongoose eggs, cat foot, pokeballs. as long as you have the KEY to the TREE no one will every find what you put inside.

uma – horse

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馬 (うま)

sounds like – uma (thurman)

uma thurman, riding a horse.

just a quick note

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hi everyone. sorry i haven’t been keeping this site so updated. my school just ended and i’ll have more time. also i finished studying all the kanji (just the meanings), and now i’m going to start making up alot more mnemonics as i learn the readings.

thanks for visiting, and if you have a good mnemonic please share!

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