kiru – to wear

November 6, 2007 at 10:50 pm | Posted in Verbs | 1 Comment

着る ( きる)

sounds like – “kill”

there is this ancient japanese legend about the “black jacket.” usually it’s found abandoned in a forest. when someone finds it, it always appears new, and very expensive. also depending on the time period (it has appeared all throughout history), it takes on the appearence of the most fashionable name of the period.

but, this jacket has a curse. if you wear it, it slowly takes control of your entire body. eventually, over the course of a couple weeks, it will controll you, like a puppet. then, it will slowly walk you out into the deep forest, then it will kill you! after, it will lie in wait for the next victim.

stay away from the black jacket, if you wear it it will kill.


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  1. Awesome website. I find it really useful for some of my mnemonics. I’ve actually made my own list of vocabulary with some mnemonics on it (only some) if anybody is interested. But there’s one small catch – some have other Japanese words and some are not for the entire word – “key word” mnemonics I believe is what you’ve said they were haha.

    Here it is:

    I hope that link works and I hope some of you find them useful =D 勉強を頑張ってね~

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