heya – room

November 6, 2007 at 9:55 pm | Posted in Nouns | Leave a comment


sounds like “hay” (the kind horses eat)

this is a example of a “key sound” mnemonic (just made that up).  the point here is that you can’t go looking around for perfect mnemonics that sound exactly like something else. if you did that you would run out pretty quickly. you want to make a strong enough mental image (in this case, walking into your room and finding it stuffed full of HAY, and having some horses nudge you as they try to get past you and into the room) – that the “hay” leads you to “haya.” if you remember the hay, your brain will look for sounds that sound like “hay,” which you have put already into your head that could possibly mean “room” in japanese.

as long as you have “spoken” the word to yourself a few times (either out loud or mentally), your brain is probably going to recognize the hey keyword and shoot out “haya”. i’m sure you know what i mean, though i haven’t explained it very well.

room full of hay, keyword hay, japanese words that sound familiar to hay — heya — room.


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