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i’d suggest that you should read the post comments, some people are putting some really nice mnemonics in them!!! some are alot better then mine haha.

and if you have a mnemonics or tip you want to share, please post it, i’m sure someone will find it useful! even if you think it’s stupid. actually especially if you think it’s stupid, those are the best ones!


ginko – bank

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銀行 (ぎんこー) 

sounds like ginko (from ginko tree, those trees with  the weird smelling fruit/nut)

sample mnemonics –

1. in the apocolyptic future, ginko nuts are the only form of currency. you find a stash of them, and since you can only carry so much, you go to the ginko bank to deposit your ginko nuts. in the future the banks only hold ginko nuts.

2. open a new bank account and get a free basket of ginko nuts! what, why would i want a basket of ginko nuts?

3. you open the door to the bank and tons of ginko nuts pile out, burying you. thats the last time you go to that bank.

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