slight changes to this blogs structure

April 11, 2007 at 7:15 am | Posted in Read Me First | Leave a comment

hello everyone. yes, this blog has been inactive for a long time, and yes i`m sorry. i`ve been thinking about mnemonics lately, and how they work and how they can help with memorization of japanese(or any other language). so far on this site i have been using my mnemonics, the ones that work for me. but as i`ve read more about the subject, i`ve come to realize that even though for me they may work very strongly…the best way is to build your own mnemonics with your own life experiences.

and so i think i`m going to make a few changes to this blog. i`m also making these changes because it will allow me to post more words quickly without having to type up a paragraph for each word and how it works for me. also, by this new method you will draw from your own mind to make the final mnemonic link, which will make the word extra stiky. however, i still will include how i see the word in my mind if i think it is helpfull.

mainly though, i will be giving you a KEY word, usually a sound alike word or concept/image that i personally use, and then allow you to design your own stiky link. if this sounds hard, don`t sweat it cause it isn`t. i guess i can`t really explain it any better right now, so i`ll just start posting. please leave your comments if you think this system is better or whatever.

see ya, thank you for reading, and as always if you have a mnemonic, POST IT!!! even if you think its dumb (those are usually the best ones).

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