anmari – not alot, not particularly

April 11, 2007 at 8:03 am | Posted in other | 5 Comments

anmari sounds like “Ann Mary”

associate ANN MARY with a feeling of not alot. i don`t really know anyone named ANN MARY, so i just use that. as in, “do you know alot of people named ANN MARY?” “No, NOT ALOT”. but if you have a friend named ANN MARY you can build from that.



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  1. Nice. Here is another one.

    Kekkon suru – To get married . Sounds like ‘Cake on’

    You are at a wedding and there is a massive cake on the table Look at that CAKE ON top of that table.

  2. I usually learn the masu form of the verb as I’ve only been learning for a short time.

    nomu – To drink.
    Masu form nomi(masu). Sounds like ‘no me’.

    Here is a yard of ale, drink this. NO!ME? No way am I going to drink that.

  3. yomu – to read. Masu form yomi(masu) sounds like ‘Yo me ..’

    You are walking up to a gang of hoodies and ask them what are you doing. ‘Yo me and my homies are reading tolstoy don’t you know?’

  4. How I remember some adjective pairs:

    Okii (“oh key”)=Big, Chisai (“chee sigh”)=Small
    (OKEE)-dokey, you want the big one. (GEEZ, I) don’t know where I put it.

    Kaiten (“kye-ten”)=Open, Hayten (“hey-ten”)=Closed
    Are you open, I want to buy a KITTEN [close]. (HEY! TEN) o’clock is when we open.

    Takai (“ta-kye”)=Expensive, Yasui (Yah-su-ee)=Inexpensive
    TALK Is expensive? YEAH, SWEEty!

    Binbo (“bean-bow”)=Poor, Yutaka (“you-ta-ka”)=Wealthy
    Poor BIMBO [close], YOU TALK A lot.

  5. thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful…

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