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Key (for a car, house, etc) = Kagi (Noun)

Sounds like – Ca(r) key

Story – This one is pretty self explanatory. It basically sounds like “car key” but without the “r” sound. Just imagine you’re late to work, so you run out your door to the car. You start patting all your pockets in a panicky rush to try and find your car keys, but they aren’t there! You collapse into a ball and start sobbing, “where are my car keys, where are my car keys.” You then realize that your front door is locked also, and you can’t find those keys either.

Ca(r) key = Kagi = Key (Just remember to drop the “r” in car.)


Guest Mnemonic – Flower

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Thanks to Signe for this one!

Flower = Hana (Noun)

Sounds like = A girlname

Hana is a very cute name for a little girl. So when I think about a flower, there is a girl (Hana) inside a flower (Hana) . So if we put it together : Hana inside a Hana.

Guest Mnemonic – Duck

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Thanks to Signe for this one!

Duck = Ahiru (Noun)

Sound like = A hero (Just remember to change the last sound to “u” -Kim)

So I see a little cute, puffy duckling going into a big circle of light, and then *wuuuuup* our little duckling is a big hero with a silver uniform.

to anyone who reads my feed…

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just a quick note to let any of my readers know that i will be adding to this site in the future. i’ve been pretty busy lately getting used to a new job, among other things, and i haven’t set some time down to type of the new mnemonics from my notes. anyway, just letting you know that i don’t intend to let this site fizzle out…and if you have any mnemonics, please leave a comment and then i can add it to the list!

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