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Apple = Ringo (Noun)

Sounds like – Ringo (the Beatle)

Story – This one is really simple. Just imagine shaggy haired Ringo playing his drums while screaming fans throw bright red apples to his feet.

Ringo = Ringo = Apple



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Cook = Ryõri (Noun, Suru Verb)

Sounds like – “Yo Lee”

Story – You are at your favorite resturant Chinese restaurant, “Lees.” You go in, sit down, and wait. No one comes to take your order. You get agitated, and finally yell out, “YO LEE, YO LEE.” Unfortunetly, Lee is to busy cooking to hear you yell out “Yo Lee.” You keep yelling, and eventually Lee comes and kicks you out, now you will never taste Lee’s cooking ever again.

Yo Lee = Ryõri (Suru) = Cook (ing)


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When = Itsu (Adverb)

Sounds like = Eat Zoo

Story – You are are the zoo, and you are getting hungry. You can’t remember what time you were supposed to meet your friend. You wonder when you are supposed to meet to eat at the zoo.

Eat Zoo = Itsu = When


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Ceremony = Shiki (Noun)

Sounds like – She Key

Story – You are watching some strange ceremony taking place. There is a huge crowd of people, and in the very middle is a lady holding a giant golden key. The key is called the “She Key.” You wonder where the “He Key” is. But for now, you watch the ceremony of the She Key.”

She Key = Shiki = Ceremony


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How = Doo (Adverb)

Sounds like – Doh (like Homer)

Story – You are watching the Simpsons on T.V. Homer is on, and he says “Doh.” Just as he is saying it, all of a sudden the T.V. keeps repeating that same same scene over and over again. “Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh.” You point your hands toward the T.V. and yell, “How can this happen?” How can it repeat itself over and over again with today’s technology? How come this is happening? As you’re thinking these things Homer keeps repeating himself over and over again.

Doh = Doo = How

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