July 27, 2006 at 5:52 am | Posted in Nouns | Leave a comment

Koko = Here (next to me) (Noun)

Sounds like – Cocoa (Hot Chocolate)

Story – You are holding a cup of hot steaming cocoa. But this cocoa isn’t just ordinary cocoa, it is premium quality and costs $1000 bucks a cup. You take a sip, but it’s so hot that you spray it all out of your mouth and onto your arm. It burns your arm and you drop your cup spilling all the hot cocoa on the ground. Years from now your friends will always ask you where you spilt your $1000 cup of hot cocoa, and you’ll say “Here, in this very spot, was where I spilt it.” Just remember, here is where you spilt your cocoa.

Cocoa = Koko = Here


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