Notes on my Japanese mnemonics (READ ME FIRST)

July 20, 2006 at 6:00 am | Posted in Read Me First | 4 Comments

First of all, thanks for visiting this site. I hope this will help you in your quest to learn Japanese, or even if it doesn’t and you don’t get any of my mnemonics, thanks for visiting anyway.

A couple notes –

1. I write the Japanese pronunciation in Romaji. This might be different then pronunciation that you are used to. It’s very simple to learn, click here to go to a good webpage with more information on Romaji. Of course the best way would be to look in a Japanese dictionary with hiragana / katakana, or ask a Japanese speaker.

2. These are mnemonics that work for me, they may not work for you at all. Hopefully though you’ll get some good ideas for making up your own. And if you do, leave a comment with them and I’ll probably post it so others can read! Share your mnemonics!

3. Pay special attention to the pronunciation at the start of the post, it may be a little different then what the story would have you literally remember. You’ll see what I mean if you read some.

4. IMPORTANT – Verbs on this site are written in dictionary form, which means to find the polite form you will have to conjugate them. I tell you this so you do not accidentally disrespect someone by using the impolite / peer form of a verb. You can find alot of good information about Japanese verbs, including how to conjugate them, on this site.

Tips – Try to visualize the story happening, the colors, the details, the action actually playing itself out. The more detailed you make it in your head, the easier it will be to remember. At least I think so…


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  1. I’m loving these little tricks to memorizing vocabulary. Thank you for creating this site! :3

  2. Hey. I don’t know how old your mnemonics are.. Do you update you page anymore?
    Anyway xD
    They were very very good. It’s the best way to learn. To remember a word or kanji in a fun or weird situation.
    Yeah. Actually I have 2. Do you want them?
    Duck = Ahiru .
    Sound like = A hero
    So I see a little cute, puffy duckling going into a big circle of light, and then *wuuuuup* our little duckling is a big hero with a silver uniform.

    Flower = Hana .
    Sounds like = A girlname
    Hana is a very cute name for a little girl. So when I think about a flower, there is a girl (Hana) inside a flower (Hana) . So if we put i together : Hana inside a Hana.

    I know.. They’re kinda silly. But hope that you can use them to something.. I created them myself ^o^!

  3. Here’s my favorite mnemonic:
    The verb 揺らす (yurasu, to shake) sounds very similar to the English phrase “your ass”. Remembering the phrase “shake yurasu” is really easy!
    We just wrote an article on our Japanese language learning blog about mnemonics with some other examples – here’s the link:

  4. you are my saviour bro. thank a lot for this wonderful blog.

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